We have a new photo gallery up now featuring 300+ photos from the Vans Warped Tour on Saturday, July 12th at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on Long Island. We caught performances by Every Time I Die, Less Than Jake, Yellowcard, Terror, Stray from the Path, Unlocking the Truth, Teenage Bottlerocket, Bayside, and more. Check it out here.

The Warped Tour continues through August and celebrates its 20-year anniversary this summer. A list of dates and bands playing can be seen here.

All photos © Angela Datre and Andy Jimenez/How We Are 2014


The doors to House of Vans didn’t open until 7:00pm last Thursday night yet fans were lined up outside waiting by 3:00pm.

Baltimore/DC-area band Turnstile opened the night to a jam-packed crowd. Vocalist Brendan Yates fed off the crowd’s energy, incorporating fans into their performance by jumping down off the stage to share the mic.

The Bouncing Souls took the stage next, playing a variety of hits spanning their twenty-five year career and inciting sing-a-longs from the crowd from beginning to end.

By the sound of the trumpets at the beginning of “New Direction”, the crowd was ready to go. Gorilla Biscuits took the stage for their first show in New York since 2011 and the stage dives didn’t stop for the remainder of the night. They’ve always had a strong influence in hardcore music and it was great to see young fans up front, knowing they were probably seeing the band for the very first time.

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All photos © Angela Datre and Andy Jimenez/How We Are 2014



The Vans Warped Tour kicked off its twentieth year this summer, traveling across North America with forty-two stops—everywhere from California and Washington to New York and Canada.

We caught up with Martin Stewart, guitarist of Terror, to talk about his first time on the tour.

1. What do you remember about the first Warped Tour you attended as a spectator?

I remember being overwhelmed by the size of the whole show, which is crazy because back then it was probably half of the size that is now. I also remember being very excited to see Pennywise play.

2. Describe the experience you had playing the festival for the first time.

This is our first year on the tour! The first day we played was pretty intense for me. Not only were my nerves at 1,000% just because it’s Warped Tour, but also because the very first day of any tour is always kinda stressful. Then, on top of all of that, my guitar wouldn’t work when I first plugged it in on stage. I’m sure most people that have ever played live music can tell you that’s an actual nightmare. But all in all, in the end, my first time was awesome.

3. What city are you looking forward to seeing this year?

The city that I’m in right now, writing out these answers… LOS ANGELES. I’m home for these two days off and that’s incredible.

4. What band are you most excited to play alongside?

Always exciting to share the stage with our brothers in Every Time I Die and Stray From The Path. I’m happy to get to see Saves The Day and Yellowcard also.

5. What advice would you give bands playing their first Warped Tour?

Well this is our first round, but here’s some advice. Relax, take things easy and don’t let the big egos of people around you get in the way of your own good experience.

6. What tips do you have for fans looking for the best experience at this year’s events?


7. What has been your most memorable story/memory thus far?

Hearing a story about Kevin, who runs the entire Warped Tour, watching our set and saying “We should make the other bands come watch these guys to see how it’s done”.

8. If you could change or improve anything about the tour, what would you do?

Add Pennywise and New Found Glory to the line-up.


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